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A Fun Daily Mastery Program for busy people who want to live their best life, each and every day.

A three minute morning prep and a five minute evening review.

8 minutes to unlock the potential in your day.

Start Your Morning And Open Your Day

Your morning email will be in your inbox at 5 AM with the Daily Cards To Play and a link to...

Clarify your expectations for the day

(read or listen to three short paragraphs)

Establish your mindset for the day

(focus your mind with a simple statement)

Optimize your results during the day

(utilize this one sentence strategy)

Attune your consciousness for the day

(listen to a one-minute guided meditation)

Reflect In The Evening And Close Your Day

Your evening email will arrive at 7 PM with the Result Card of the Day and a link to...

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Reflect on your game and track your performance 

Using the online journal worksheet and question prompts, clarify your "wins" and illuminate ongoing growth opportunities.

When you're finished, click the button to mark your day Complete. 

Spend 3 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.

Invest $1 a day in yourself.


The Daily Game is an interactive, complete guide to activating your best self.


And the best part is that it's fun to play!

You won’t know how much fun or how it impacts your life until you experience it for yourself.

So, try it for Free for 21 Days. 

Simply click the orange button to start playing.

with love,

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Viki describes her experience playing The Daily Game.


 Still Not Sure If The Daily Game Is Right For You?

Well, here's a question: do you want to live your best life?


If the answer is a big, deep, resounding YES, then I invite you to consider the known habits and practices of the most successful people in life.

The following list is sometimes called high-performance habits or peak-performance life-hacks.

Here's what successful people are known to do.  They...

1. Seek clarity

2. Have a detailed plan

3. Focus their attention of what's most important (they're not distracted by the noise)

4. Consistently take action

5. Surround themselves with successful people

6. Create their own success

7. Track their progress

8. Focus on the positive

9. Focus on making small daily improvements

10. Meditate

11. Inspire others to be successful as well

12. Don't procrastinate or make excuses

13. Make time for self-care (so they don't burn out)


Let’s go through this list, and I’ll show you how The Daily Game gives you a simple framework to incorporate each of these 13 habits into your life.



You get Daily Guidance to clarify your approach to the day, and you get an end-of-day Mastery Exercise to clarify your "wins" for the day and to clarify your growth opportunities.

Clarity. Clarity. Clarity.

And from clarity comes confident decision-making with the inner-knowing that you're on the right path, which means you stay persistent to get results. That means feeling satisfied and complete in what you've accomplished, which means you radiate abundance and magnetize more success to yourself.


In your daily email, you get a detailed overview of your day: what to expect, what to avoid, and where to focus your attention.

You also get a Daily Key and Daily Mantra to detail your best-practices approach and your optimal mindset for the day.


In the email, you get the Daily Key, which is a one-sentence guideline that pinpoints a best-practices strategy you can utilize throughout the day.

Your end-of-day, Daily Mastery Exercise will also help you to clarify the most important decisions you made during your day.


You’ll get these emails every day to hold you accountable to taking consistent daily action.

If you miss a day; don’t worry. You don't need to go back to do yesterday's meditation or journaling in order to do today's. Each day is independent. Each day we have different Cards to play.

And tomorrow morning you'll wake up with a brand new email in your inbox, and you can get right back on track.


I want to give you an incentive to surround yourself with people who are focused on mastering their daily game, so that you are more successful in your life.

So, when you invite two people to play The Daily Game with you, your subscription is free. You'll be reimbursed at the end of the next invoice cycle at a rate of 50% per person you refer.

Surround yourself with people who are also focused on mastering their Daily Game.


These daily emails with the Daily Guidance will help you pro-actively create what you want in your life.

You also get the Daily Mantra to set your mindset and speak out the reality you want for yourself.

And you get the Daily Key to take action in your life.


You get an end-of-day Daily Mastery Exercise with specific progress questions based on the Daily Cards and the Synergy Card of the day.

Each day you can track how you played your cards that day in an online journal that is saved so you can refer back to it later in the year.

You’ll start to notice recurring themes of things you typically miss (so you can pay more attention to these growth points) or things you typically do really well (so you can praise yourself... yanno, that thing… speaking positively to yourself in your own inner-dialogue.)


You get your Daily mantra to focus your positive mindset, so you can focus on positively creating that experience for yourself.

You also get the end-of-day Daily Mastery Reflection to help you focus on the "Wins" you had that day, so you can see your positive results every day and build on them for continued success.


You get the end-of-day Daily Mastery Exercise with a simple worksheet of two or three journaling questions about how you played your game today.

Each day you'll get to clarify your "wins" for the day.

Write in your answers right on the online journal worksheet (or in your own journal) and it will track your responses throughout the year, so you can refer back to them later.


You’ll receive a 1-minute daily meditation. You will be amazed at how powerful just one minute can be. And I'll guide you through it. Just sit back and listen.

Before you know it, you'll be meditating every morning. And yes, successful people meditate.

Plus, if you want, you can hit re-play and listen again. But 1-minute is enough.

Remember: small daily improvements.


Inspire your friends, colleagues, and family to live their best life, one day at a time.

It’s what successful people do. Inspire others.

And my incentive to you is that when you inspire two people to play The Daily Game with you, your subscription is free.


Start today. I’m making it easy for you. I'm giving you a Free 21-Day Test Drive.

Take action to create your success.

What do you have to lose? If The Daily Game doesn’t blow your hair back, at least you tried it, at least you took action. But if it does wow you and thrill you, then you have a simple, daily framework to create a successful life.


Make The Daily Game a part of your morning and evening ritual.

A few minutes in the morning to meditate and focus your mindset and a few minutes in the evening to check in with yourself and reflect on your day. That's it.

Self-care is essential for success. And it’s important to invest in your self-care.

 Play Your Best Life 

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* One-on-One Private Monthly Consultation:  A 25-minute Soul Attunement consultation each month. This is a monthly consultation to answer your personal questions, clarify your path, and keep you on track to realize your goals. 

Retail value of this consultation is $197. So, you save 40% on this consultation when you purchase the Annual Plan or you save 30% on this consultation when you purchase the Monthly Plan. (Calculated as $177 - $36 = $141 for the consultation.)

The monthly consultation does not contain a rollover feature to roll your appointment over to the next month. This structure is designed to motivate you to maximize the value in the program and stay on track each month to realize your goals.

The private monthly consultation is not available during the 21-Day risk-free trial. However, at check-out, you can opt to bypass the 21-Day trial period, so you can book your private consultation right away if you want.